Klipper pt3: Installation / Update

First install all of the mentioned windows software ( Or their Linux / Osx alternatives ) in pt2 on your host pc, ittl be required from hereon.

Step 1:

Installing Octoprint

Install Octoprint by downloading the latest zip and flashing it with Etcher

After a successful flash dont forget to reinsert the micro sd into the pc and edit the network.txt in the root of the newly created “Boot” partition.

( specifics can be found here )

Pay attention that your wifi channel is neiter 12 nor 13 raspis dont like them.

Boot the pi and make sure it gets recognized in the network.

Log on to the Octoprint web interface and configure everything to your liking, let it search for updates and let it update ( If the update fails for some reason reflash and try again )

Step 2:

Installing Klipper

Install Klipper by following the steps outlined by Kevin here:


Issue the necessary commands with putty ( Username: pi / Pw: raspberry )


Updating Klipper:


SSH into your Pi and issue the following commands:

A simple Host Software Update is done by:

cd ~/klipper
git pull
sudo service klipper restart

If both host and microcontroller need an update go this way:

cd ~/klipper
git pull

to update the micro controller:

( Octopies console will inform you if a micro controller update is necessary )

sudo service klipper stop
make flash FLASH_DEVICE=/dev/ttyACM0
sudo service klipper start


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