Klipper pt5: Features

Pressure Advance:

Is enabled by setting pressure_advance:  in the [extruder] section of the config.cfg to more than 0.

For a E3D titan i found values around 0.04 – 0.05 giving great results.

Klippers tuning guide for Pressure advance.

Toolpath prediction / Lookahead:

Can be dialed in by setting junction_deviation:  in the [printer] section of the config.cfg

Basically lower values slow down cornering, higher values speed it up, i found 0.01 to be a good compromise.

Klippers in depth explanation how movement is created.

PID Tuning:

M303 is supported in Klipper, after finishing an auto PID tune cycle like M303 E0 S215 C8 Klipper will report the correct PID values to Octopies GCode console and you can update your printer.cfg accordingly. ( M303 E-1 S60 for Bed PID tuning )

Additional hotend temperature controlled Fans:

Add any number of aditional fans for cooling stepsticks or the coldend by adding

[heater_fan example_fan]
pin: arX
heater: extruder
heater_temp: 50.0
fan_speed: 1

Sections to your config.cfg

Theyll switch on once your hotend is set to 50c and switch of once its cooled below 50c.

Additional static PWM Pins:

Add any number of static pwm pins for controlling case lights f.e. by adding

[static_pwm_output my_case_light]
pin: arX
value: 1

where value sets the PWm cycle from 0 – 1 / 0 – 100%

Run-time configurable digital output pins ( “M42”)

Set pin in printer.cfg:

[digital_output my_pin]

The pin to configure as a digital output. This parameter must be

The value to initially set the pin to during MCU configuration
(either 0 or 1). The default is 0 (for low voltage).

The value to set the pin to on an MCU shutdown event. The default
is 0 (for low voltage).

Afterwards you can control the pin via octoprints terminal like this:


Live Z Adjustements:

Issue M206 via Octoprint ( or setup buttons in Octoprint to do it ).

Example: M206 X0 Y0 Z0.2

Keep in mind that M206 is in absolute values, so if your slicer already prints at 0.25 on the first layer issue M206 Z0.25 to raise the Nozzle 0.5 .

M206 is persistent over homing operations.

Thermal Runaway protection:


Speed factor override / extrude factor override



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