There are two popular ways to get plastic pushed into a hotend, bowden and direct extruders:

Bowden: while a “light extruder” might initially seem like a good idea in rl it plays out exactly the other way around:

  • Its almost impossible to dial in pressure advance with a bowden system which is a basic need for going fast with a printer.
  • Ultra high retracts in the 3mm range severly slow down print speeds as a lot of time is spent on waiting for retracts.
  • From 100mm/s onwards print defects like blobbing and inconsistent extrusion in corners start to really show.

Direct Extruders:

  • Get a light, geared extruder like the E3d Titan for example, the gearing allows for small “pancake” style nemas, reducing overshoot on x significantly.
  • With a light direct extruder and a light bed its possible to reach equilibrium between them, resulting in an easy to tune / fast to drive motion system
  • A direct extruder allows for ultra fast / ultra small retracts ( 0.4mm / 2k accel / 75mms is enough with pressure advance ) significantly reducing print times again.


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